What is the Arraignment in California Criminal Court?

What is the Arraignment in California Criminal Court

What is the Arraignment in California Criminal Court?

If you are charged with a crime in the state of California, you are likely wondering what your first court appearance will be like. There is no reason to spend countless hours worrying about your court appearance, especially if you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. In fact, you might not speak during this initial court appearance but for a few words. Let’s take a look at exactly what occurs during California court appearances following criminal charges.

The Arraignment

The initial court appearance in a criminal case is the arraignment. The arraignment is the court appearance where the judge reads the defendant’s rights as well as the charges. The prosecutor will interact with you and provide a plea bargain opportunity. Plea bargains are essentially offers provided for a guilty plea. If you are guilty, it might be in your interest to accept the plea bargain in exchange for reducing the sentence or forfeiting the right to go to trial. However, it is in your interest to discuss all potential possibilities with your criminal defense attorney prior to making a decision regarding your case.

Meet with an experienced California criminal defense attorney and you might find taking the plea bargain or cutting any sort of deal is not in your interest. This is precisely why it is in your interest to consult with a savvy California criminal defense attorney who will spearhead your quest for justice.

Let an Experienced California Criminal Defense Attorney Represent You in Court

A criminal defense attorney worth his or her keep understands when it is in a client’s interest to accept a plea bargain. A decision pertaining to the plea bargain should only be made after an extensive analysis of the facts of the case is performed. The arraignment also presents an opportunity for the defendant to have his or her rights explained.

If you have not yet secured the services of a California criminal defense attorney prior to the arraignment, now is the time to do so. Your criminal defense attorney will sweat the small stuff of your case while you narrow your focus on family, work and getting the most out of life. Your attorney will analyze your case and represent you both in and out of a court of law. This is the legal representation you need to successfully defend yourself against the charge, protect your freedom, ensure your reputation in the community is not tarnished and ultimately empower you to zero in on remaining gainfully employed throughout your legal hurdles ahead.

Do not Fall Into the Trap of Pro Se Representation

It might be possible to avoid subsequent court hearings after the initial court appearance that is the arraignment. However, if necessary, your California criminal defense attorney will zealously advocate on your behalf at court appearances in the days, weeks and months ahead. Above all, those accused of a crime in the state of California should avoid falling into the trap of representing themselves without the assistance of an accomplished criminal defense attorney. Those who attempt to prove their innocence on their own in a pro see manner typically find the effort backfires, leading to a guilty verdict with a significant punishment.

Even the smallest detail of your case has the potential to clear your name and prove your innocence. Rely on the trained eye and expertise of a California criminal defense attorney who is willing to analyze every last detail of your unique case and you stand that much better of a chance of retaining your freedom or at least minimizing your penalty.