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los angeles dui attorneyIf you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI in the Los Angeles area, it’s important that you do not take your charges lightly as a DUI conviction can have lasting and damaging impacts on your everyday life.  However, you don’t have to fight these criminal charges on your own.  An experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer can fight to protect your rights and will work to get your charges reduces or even dismissed.  Contact the dedicated Los Angeles DUI Lawyers at Ariano & Associates, PLLC today.

DUIs in Los Angeles California

Under California law, there are many ways in which an individual might commit a DUI offense, and the particular crime with which you are charged will usually depend on the type and/or amount of substance you’ve consumed.  The various laws types of DUIs that you can be charged with include:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol;
  • Driving a motor vehicle while your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or more;
  • Driving while under the influence of any drug;
  • Driving while being addicted to any drug;
  • Driving while under the influence of a combination of drugs and alcohol;
  • Driving a commercial vehicle when your BAC is 0.04 percent or more; and,
  • Beginning July 1, 2018, driving with a BAC of 0.04 percent or more when you are driving a vehicle for hire, and a passenger is riding in your car.

A first-time DUI offense is typically considered a misdemeanor, but if you are convicted, you can face steep penalties.  These include a fine of up to $1,000 and jail time of up to six months.  However, the punishment increases with subsequent DUI offenses.  For example, if you obtain a second DUI conviction within ten years of your first offense, you can face up to a year in jail.  If you have two prior DUI convictions, you can face up to two years in jail.  Having three prior DUI convictions is punishable by up to three years in jail.

It is important to note that even if you are charged with a first offense, under some circumstances, you can face penalties as though it were your second or third offense.  For example, if you refuse to submit to a chemical test, if you are speeding twenty miles over the speed limit, or you have a child under the age of fourteen in your vehicle at the time of the offense, you may be subject to harsher penalties.

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If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in the Los Angeles area, it is imperative that you contact a knowledgeable Los Angeles DUI Lawyer as soon as possible.  With any DUI charge in California, you can face serious penalties including steep fines, jail time, and the loss of your driving privileges.  The lawyers at Ariano & Associates, PLLC, are dedicated to fighting for the legal rights of every client.  We have extensive experience handling DUI cases in the Los Angeles area and have a track record of helping clients obtain favorable results.  We will work hard to defend you no matter what DUI charges you might be facing or how complicated your case might be.  We will always take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions, and we will always keep you informed about your case.  Contact our experienced Los Angeles criminal defense Lawyers at Ariano & Associates, PLLC.